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Beryl & I just met at Naah!im bakery and did a little review on some of their pastries, frappes and their best seller – Nasi Lemak.

Naah!im bakery is a fusion of Boulangerie, Western and Asian delicacies of food and beverages. Their concept is a full size scaled restaurant that has variety of delicious menu available for those “gastronomic lovers” all around the world.

The decor of the cafe is said to be “rustic”. Personally, it has a chill vibe which I like. Perfect for people who likes to read, study, work and do their thing calmly.

Showcasing their available breads in the counter. They actually have 50 types of bread which they change daily.

Their cream cheese danish is said to be the #BESTCREAMCHEESEDANISHINMANILA, scroll down to know more about this (or watch my youtube video).

The girl on my left is none other than Beryl Emerald. She does youtube videos and blogs as well. It’s actually our first time to meet and do reviews on food. We kind of want to be a food blogger/vlogger now. haha!  So as you can see, there are pastries in front of us plus a green tea frappe. TIME FOR TASTE TEST!!!

From left to right, here are the Cherry Cheese Star Danish, Banana Caramel, Choco Hazelnut Croissant and Cream Cheese Star Danish.

You’ll know later (because I linked the video at the end) that we tried the Cherry Cream Cheese Danish first.

Cherry Cheese Star Danish – This has the right balance of the cherry and cream cheese and is toned down by the bread. It’s not too sweet that it overwhelms the overall taste. It’s actually warm and soft inside but the outside is a little “crusty?”. Sorry, I am not familiar on how you explain food. 🙂

Banana Caramel – Now this one is good for kiddos! It’s like your breakfast when you were a kid. Slice of bread topped with banana, caramel and chocolate drizzle. If I could relieve my childhood days, I’d definitely ask for this everytime. It’s not too sweet as well, I’m thinking they’ve mastered the right sweetness because most bakeries/cafes has pastries which are too sweet.

Choco Hazelnut Croissant – Might look like it’s perfect for kids but the chocolate is a little bitter so we have concluded that this might be dark chocolate. The chocolate made the croissant harder than the usual. You will surely like this if you want a twist with your ordinary croissant.

Cream Cheese Star Danish – THIS ONE IS (AND BERYL’S) FAVE!!!!!! I actually love cream cheese and this one made my standards high when it comes to cream cheese. It’s so warm and soft then the bread is a little crusty.

They also have a green tea frappe. You guys know I love green tea/matcha and I have tried a ton of them. Does this pass on my list? YES! I don’t like milky matcha (the ones that tastes more milk than matcha and is sweet) but this one isn’t. It’s more bitter which I like because I know that it’s real matcha. We also got the mocha frappe but we weren’t able to take a photo of it although you could view our review on that on my vlog.

Now on to the main course, we have Nasi Lemak which is one of their best sellers. The rice tastes different compared to what we’re used to. I found out that it is cooked in coconut milk and panda leaf. Nasi lemak is actually Malaysia’s national dish and one of the owners is actually Malaysian.

This dish has rice (which Filipinos love, of course) topped with sunny side up egg, chicken, shrimp, dilis, peanuts, tofu and cucumber slices. Serving is actually big which is really good. The flavor of the viand is sweet and spicy. Since Beryl & I doesn’t like spicy food, it was done in a less spicy version. You could request for that or spicier, depending on your preference.

We truly loved this dish, we kept on eating even though we were already full with all the pastries. The flavor is really good even though it is a little spicy. The tofu was cooked in a different way that it looked like bread.

Those are all the food and drinks we tried, watch my vlog to see how I rated them using pandas. 🙂

Thank you Ms. Kristine for the invite! 🙂

We also had a picture with the chef. 🙂

We also met these wonderful men whom are known in sports in Arab countries.

I also wanted to thank Beryl for going! 🙂 She’s really pretty, outgoing and nice. Check out her youtube and blog as well.

Thank you so much Naah!im Bakery, we will surely go back. <3

Ground floor, Belmont Hotel, Resorts World Manila
(+63) 917 658-0613
Instagram: @naahim_bakery

Watch our vlog! 🙂 Comment on my video “panda loves it” if you see this so I know that you’re from my blog. 😉



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