Flight Outfit

A 12 hours and 40 minutes flight is honestly boring and wearying. How can you be comfortable and fine sitting for a half a day with no wifi? No worries because I will share to you what I do and what flight outfit to wear.

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Panda Collection

What’s more ideal to post first in The Panda Blogs aside from this panda collection? I guess none. By the way, when this is published I’m probably in the USA already. ☺️ So if you’re a panda collector and lover or if you just want to see my collection just read ahead. ✨

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Version 2.0 I believe. Before anything else, here’s a little backtrack, I have a previous Tumblr blog named “The Panda Blogs” which you can view here. I loved everything in Tumblr and I am already familiarized with it until they don’t support high-res photos on text posts anymore. Months ago, I was thinking of changing platforms or get my own website. Juggling academics, social life, school and blogging, I decided to set aside this plan for a while. When my summer break came, I decided to just have my own website. I looked for web designer and developer whom can help me with this blog. Thanks to Sir Julius for helping me and creating this blog.


Onesies from Kigurumi Manila (@kigurumi_manila on Instagram)


So today, 6/16/16 I decided to launch this blog. The Panda Blogs is created for fashion, beauty, travel, and everything in between. If you’re a new reader, welcome! I hope you continue visiting this blog & be inspired. ? And if you’re from my tumblr blog, welcome again and thank you for your continues support and visit. Join me as I document my life and everything in between. God bless you! ?

Panda Blogs
Panda Blogs
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